Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3. Appointments and Arrangements

3.1 Business Meetings: Making and Changing Appointments
3.1.1 Role Play Teacher's notes (click here)
3.1.2 Role Play Role Cards (click here)
3.1.3 Role Play Schedule (click here)

Source This activity is based on the the activities "Business Appointments" in Business Communication Games (Oxford, 1996), "Finding a Date" in Elementary Communication Games, Yule's observation that schedules and inquiries about schedules provide a good context to practice the present progressive tense (gerunds, -ing form verbs). (Yule, George (1998) Explaining English Grammar, Oxford, pp. 76-77) (Longman, 1984).

Monday, October 6, 2008

2. Introductions

A lesson (click here) based on the textbook: Survival English
http://www.osk-ymca-intl.ed.jp/users/smondy/Unit 2Introductions.pdf
2.1 Icebreakers
2.2 Situations

Worksheet produced by Ms. Sukita at the Osaka YMCA International College

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1. Taxi Trip

1.1 Taking a taxi trip in a foreign country can be quite an experience. This role play is focussed around the small talk that is encountered when getting into a taxi.
There are 3 example role plays.
Then students are required to create their own situations. These situations are then put into a box and one is chosen randomly for each group to perform in front of the class.

1.1.1 Taxi trip role play (click here)
http://www.osk-ymca-intl.ed.jp/users/smondy/Taxi TripRolePlay.pdf

Based on Unit 1, page 7, of New Survival English, Peter Viney (2004)